Tiana inspired Deluxe Mouse Ears

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Show your appreciation for your favorite themes with this inspired Mouse Ears


These Mouse Ears have been handmade with Cotton Fabric featuring images to match your chosen design.  They are glued with an industrial glue gun, machine sewn and finished off with hand sewn areas to make the ears extra strong and durable for that extra security when travelling. 


Ears are available with multiple options including a swap your bow' post' in the middle of the ears (Please see photos or e-mail us for more information), permanently attached bow, Knots (instead of a Bow) - Suitable to 'Swap and change fabrics one a single set of ears' or no bow (Mr Mouse Ears).

All Ears (except Mr Mouse Ears) come with a choice of any bow/Knot included in the price.  Please state in the basket comments box which colour or fabric you would like.

It is possible to customize all of our products - please contact us if you have any questions or ideas you would like to discuss.



Swap your Bow Ears (With Interchangeable Bow 'post' - See pictures)

Bows can be used on both the ears and as a normal hair bow. Bow will automatically be made with a crocodile clip attachment on the back but french barrettes are also possible, but this will need to be stated in the comments box if you would prefer to make this change. All character and fabric bows in our shop are available to work with our swap you bow ears, just please make sure you are purchasing the LARGE size bow (4x5") so that it fits suitably.


Swap your Knot Ears

Ears can be purchased as our 'Swap your Knot' Ears.  These ears will come without a bow but a hand tied knot made to fit suitably on your mouse ears.  The ears can be worn both with the knot or with the knot removed to create a Mr Mouse look.  Knots can also be mixed and matched for a varied look and change of fabric to suit each of your outfits and park plans rather than having to purchase multiple pairs of ears for each occasion.  Knot can also be tied for a number of different looks including round a ponytail and as a finishing touch to a handbag Strap.  There are so many possibilities to our Swap your Knot Ears you wont know what you did without them! :) 


All of our products are hand made to very high standards and made to order accordingly to your own specifications.  This can mean orders can take up to 2 weeks to produce plus shipping time is extra. If you require your items sooner,  this is not usually a problem but please contact us before to check with that it is possible and we will try our best to accommodate you as much as possible.  


It is possible to customize mouse ears. Maybe if there is a certain size, colour or character your looking for to match a certain outfit please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you as much as possible. (We have a LOT of fabric!)

Embellishments, ribbon/fabric pattern and style does vary slightly and you may receive a pair of mouse ears slightly different to the picture.  If you are unsure and would like a more detailed idea of the specific item you like please feel free to contact us.   

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